Navigating Your Infotainment System

Whether you’re good with technology or not, sometimes understanding new features can be a bit of a challenge. At Nucar Lannan Chevrolet Of Lowell, we will help you better understand navigating your infotainment system.

Chevy MyLink provides a customizable way for you access a variety of entertainment, navigation, and connectivity features. However, learning how to customize your infotainment system may be challenging if you’re not familiar with the system.

Thankfully, the following information helps to break down all of the widgets so that you can navigate your infotainment system with ease and customize it to your exact liking.

On the Chevy MyLink Home Page, you will see a variety of widgets (buttons) on the screen. Tapping on these widgets will provide you with access to a new feature. Detailed information regarding these widgets can be found below.


By clicking on the audio button, you can access all of your available audio sources, from AM to FM to XM Radio. You can toggle between each of these audio sources by just pressing the respective button.


Once you’ve paired your phone with Chevy MyLink, you can use your phone to make phone calls, access calendars, compose or listen to texts via voice control, or access music from your iTunes playlist. You can do all of this using voice control so that you can keep your hands on the wheel at all times.


Chevy MyLink allows you to access your own apps safely. While using the projection widget, connect your iPhone or Android through the USB port. By doing this, your phone’s apps will be projected on the Chevy MyLink screen so you can easily access your favorite ones.


The navigation widget allows you to easily get to your destination. This widget provides you with several map views, and you can also move the map around to see a larger or smaller area. This feature also provides you with real-time traffic alerts on your route, and you can even choose to have point of interest (POI) locations, such as restaurants or gas stations, automatically appear on your screen.


The settings widget allows you to customize your personal settings, from your safety system to your personal device. There is also a safety mode available so you can keep your private data secure.


Chevy MyLink provides you with Pandora, which will automatically connect once you are in the vehicle.


Through the weather widget, you can see live weather maps or check out hourly forecasts for your current area or your destination.


All new GMC vehicles are equipped with OnStar, and you can access this feature directly through your Chevy MyLink home page. This feature provides you with 24-hour roadside assistance as well as automatic crash response in the event of a collision.

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